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AMERICA/ARGENTINA - The Bishops to President Macri: the social situation is worrying

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Posted on: 12/22/18
Buenos Aires - The concern of the Argentine Church for the social situation of the country and for the increase of "new divisions in society" was expressed by the Executive Commission of the Argentinian Episcopal Conference to President Mauricio Macri, during the usual meeting to exchange Christmas greetings, which took place yesterday at the Government building. The meeting took place "in a climate of open dialogue, in which everyone expressed their ideas with sincerity and freedom", reports the CEA statement sent to Agenzia Fides.
The Executive Commission of the CEA was formed by Mgr. Oscar Vicente Ojea, President, by Cardinal Mario Aurelio Poli, first vice-president, by Mgr. Marcelo Daniel Colombo, second vice president and by Mgr. Carlos Humberto Malfa, Secretary General. President Macri was accompanied by the head of the cabinet, Marcos Peña, by the minister of health and social action, Carolina Stanley, by the chancellor, Jorge Faurie and by Alfredo Abriani.
The Bishops expressed their concerns about the increase in the poverty index, the decrease in consumption, the increase in unemployment and the increase in child malnutrition which was. There are also fears regarding family farming projects, especially within the country. The Bishops then underlined the ever-increasing drama of drug addiction, especially in the most marginalized neighborhoods, and therefore demanded an increase in the budget for Sedronar . Even the so-called "new divisions" in Argentine society, crossed by the gap of inequality, was a subject of reflection.


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